Friday, October 10, 2014

(LATE) Tessa's Surprise Birthday!

  It's Tessa's Birthday.  It really was August 9,but I was soooooo busy! But now I have time so let's get started. :) 

    Tessa was working on her homework early Friday morning...
               while the rest of the girls were getting Tessa's surprise ready!
Taylor: "Are you guys ready?"
Tonya: "Yep!"
Girls: "SURPRISE!!!!"
Tessa: *GASP* "I thought you guys forgot!"
Tracy: "We would never forget"
Taylor: "Come open your presents!!!"
Tonya: "Mine first! Hurry Hurry!!! Open it... I forgot to put air holes in it!"
Tessa: "OK OK....I'll open it!"
Tessa: "OH how cute: a puppy! Thank you so much, Tonya!"
Tonya: "You're welcome...I thought she was going to suffocate. Anyway, Milo needed a friend!" 
Tamara: "Now for mine!"
Tessa: "OH MY GOODNESS!! It's all of Isabelle's posters!!!!!  Thank you Tamara."
Tracy: "Here's mine! It's a pillow for your new puppy Muffy...BTW I named her for you"
Tessa: "Oh wow, she loves it! Thanks! Muffy is a great name!
Taylor: "OK now for my gift...But only Tessa can come..It was too big to wrap. Sorry!"
Tessa: "OH BIG???? That's my kind of present!"
Taylor: "Here it is!!!! Your own miniature palomino pony!"
Tessa: *GGGGGGAAAASSSSSPPPPPP* "How did you know????" *starts to cry with joy*
Taylor: "Don't cry!!!!...Anyways you will be paying for her room and board for the rest of her life!!!!" *giggle* 

Tessa loved her presents, I think.:) 



  1. Happy Belated Birthday Tessa! This is an adorable post Allison!

  2. Happy belated birthday Tessa! She got some great presents; the foal and puppy are adorable! =D

  3. Awesome presents for Tessa! Happy Belated birthday, dear doll. :) Looks like a lovely party!


  4. Adorable! Yeah, I think she enjoyed her presents ;0) Welcome back! Its ok, I've gotten really busy too. I like their outfits.
    - Zoë

  5. Oh, I forgot! Do you want to do a button swap?
    - Zoë

  6. Happy birthday Tessa! This is such a cute photo story! She is a lucky doll! :)

    ~ Mint

  7. Thank's girls. I loved doing it! :)