Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Dollie Camp 1!!!!

Hey Girlies,

Guess what? I am signing up for Summer Dollie Camp over at 

If you would like to read more info, sign up, etc click HERE!
Hurry up because it starts tomorrow.

I am so excited! 


Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July!!

Hi Girlies,
Happy 4th of July! The 4th is one of our favorite holidays :)
 We are so grateful for a free country to live in...and 
who doesn't love hot-dogs, flags, volleyball, ice-cream & FIREWORKS!!!


We all tried to wear something red :)

It was early this morning & most of us were together.

Tessa was enjoying a healthy breakfast of frozen blackberries.

Taylor was catching up on blogging & emails.

Tonya was reading and hanging out with Milo!

Taylor: "Hey Guys, I just got an email from Tamara...She said she is having a great time with her family but misses us :)"   

Tessa: "Aww I wish Tamara was able to stay and celebrate the 4th with us, but she needed a vacation."
Tonya: "Yeah! By the way what are we going to do for the 4th? In Chicago me and my mom would go and watch fireworks over Navy Pier."

Tessa: "OH YAY! MY family always has this big cook-out."

Tonya: "What about you Taylor?"
Taylor: "Never mind because listen to what I found...There is going to be a free firework show tonight at Heritage Park! Do you want to go?"

Tonya & Tessa: "OH YAY"


Tonya: "HAHA! DO you want to go to MILO?"

So we grabbed a picnic blanket, camera, picked up some shakes & drove to the park.

The Fireworks were awesome!!!


I hope you enjoyed the fireworks...We sure did :)

What did you do for the 4th?

God Bless

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Blackberry Picking!

Hi Guys, 
Today Tessa, Milo, & I went Blackberry picking. We have tons of wild blackberry bushes growing around here so we just grabbed a basket and headed out :)


Tessa, Milo, & Me

Blackberry bushes.

Juicy Blackberries....YUM!!


Tonya: "WOW! Tessa look at these....I'm going to pick more then you!"

Tessa: "HA! Look at all the ones I found!"


At the end of the day we had a good basket full!

Best Friends Forever!


Anyway, even though blackberries are good eaten frozen, we are thinking of making some of these tasty goodies!

Blackberry Almond Bread
Blackberry Popsicles
 Blackberry Muffins
 Blackberry Smoothie

Are you hungry yet?

Do you like Blackberries?

Which of these blackberry sweets look the best to you?


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

International Joke Day

Hey Girlies, Tamara here.

Guess what day it is???? 
It's international Joke day! 
Yep that's right.  If anyone knows me I love jokes (even the corny ones) so this is my kind of day :D So tell somebody your favorite joke today...OR if you don't have one, pick some out of my favorite jokes list.


Do you know what the lettuce asked the radish? Let us be best friends?
And what did the radish answer? You naughty thing, you make me reddish!

Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Ketchup who?
Ketchup to me if you can, I have your wallet.

Did you hear about the elephant who was always left out of things and thus felt irrelephant?

A: What do you call a group of musical pigs?
Q: An oinkestra!

Q: Why couldn't the pony sing?
A: Because he's a little hoarse.

Q: What did the windmill say when she met her favorite movie star?
A: "Nice to meet you. I'm a BIG FAN!"

What did the polar bear say when they saw tourists in sleeping bags?
“Mmmm, sandwiches!”

The sergeant-major growled at the young soldier: “I didn’t see you at camouflage training this morning.”
“Thank you very much, sir.”

A guy called a budget airline to book a flight. The operator asked: “How many people area traveling? “How should I know?” said the man. “It’s your plane!”

A deer was trying to cross a busy road but the traffic was very heavy. After waiting unsuccessfully for a few minutes, a bear walked past and said: “Excuse me, there’s a zebra crossing a bit further along the road.” The deer said, “Well, I hope he’s having better luck than I am!

So what is your favorite joke?
What is your favorite joke out of this list? 

See ya later!