Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's Hug Day

Happy Hug Day!

Today give your best friend, grandma, dad, cousin, etc., a HUGE hug to show them how much you appreciate them....because the tiniest thing can make someone's day! :)

Tonya: "Happy Hug Day Tessa!"
Tessa: "OH WOW! Thanks!"

P.S. I know this is a lot of tiny posts but we are going to do some more photo stories soon.



Friday, June 27, 2014

Taylor's OOTD


Today I am posting pictures of my Outfit Of The Day. I got this outfit for my Birthday HERE!


Full Picture of my outfit
 Leather boots (they recently started peeling :/ )!
 Red jacket
 Outfit without the jacket
 closer look
 I did my hair in to two braids today...I really like it!
 Closer look at the tie strings in the front of my dress.
 Silver hoop earrings.

I really like this picture (New profile pic?)

  This is a very comfortable and fashionable outfit that fits me nicely and also American Girls (bonus!).

I have looked everywhere but it looks like you can only buy this outfit with the Karito Kids Pita doll (oh well) :/

So what do you think?

See you later!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Roller-Blading with my friend Caroline

 Hi it's Tamara,

Today I met up with my good friend Caroline to go roller-blading. I have just bought a pair of skates and started roller-blading and asked Caroline if she could give me some tips because she has been rollerblading since she was little :)

Me and Caroline
We had a great time laughing, skating, and.....

I was getting really good (thanks to Caroline) and saw a big hill that looked like fun.

Tamara: "Hey, Caroline look at this hill....Why don't we skate down it?"

Caroline: "I don't think so, Tamara, it looks really steep and rocky."

Tamara: "Oh come on, it will be fun....Yipeeeeee!!!!!'

I was doing fine until my skate hit a rock and I went flying into the rocky ditch.

Tamara: "Caroline!!! Help!!!  I'm falling!!!"

Good thing Caroline kept her wits about her and came to my rescue.

Caroline: "I'm here Tamara....Grab my hand!"

Caroline was able to pull me to safety!

Tamara: "Thank you Caroline!!! I promise to listen to you from now on!"

I'm so glad I have friend like Caroline.

Besides my small scrape, it was a fun and wonderful day roller-blading with my friend!

So girls, don't do something clumsy or dangerous without thinking it through because you might get seriously hurt :/

Do you like going roller-blading with your friends?

See ya later!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy National Pink Day

  Happy National Pink Day!!! 
If anyone knows me I LOVE Pink! Girly girl all the way :)
So when I heard there was a National Pink Day I was thrilled. Anyway, I had this great plan to get this awesome pink outfit together: shoes, lipstick, etc., and post it.... But when I woke up this sunny Monday morning and found out that my class was canceled I couldn't help but throw that idea out the window and sleep in....So here is me in my pink PJ's & bed head.....LOL! Well at least it's pink right?


Tessa: "Happy National Pink Day!"

Closer look.

 So wear something pink today and tell your friends!

And I am going back to bed :P



Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's The First Day of Summer!!!!

Hi Girlies, Tonya here.
So today is the first day of Summer!!! WooHoo!!!
Phew! Spring flew by :p
Anyway, I decided to go on a walk with Milo and pick some summer flowers along the way.


Milo and me

Here are some of the flowers I found.

 This was a pretty flower but a little to prickly. Ouch!


 Milo was getting a little tired so we stopped and rested by this beautiful tree.



More Flowers.


 I love Daisies!

I was thrilled to discover some ripening blackberries on my walk. My friends and I will have to come back and pick them soon!

 and more flowers....


 Well by the time my walk was over I had a beautiful bouquet of flowers :)

They looked beautiful on our table!

Do you like flowers?
Do you have some that grow around your house?

If so what kind is your favorite?


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's Taylor's Birthday!!!!!

Today is Taylor's Birthday!!!!! We planned a simple Birthday party (her wish) and it turned out great!
We love her so much and couldn't imagine college life without her. She is kinda the leader of us four roommates, so yeah, she's pretty awesome.  We love you, Taylor!

Tamara baked her a delicious chocolate cake.


Then it was present time!!

Taylor was so excited!!!

She got a pair of brown leather boots from Tessa

She got this beautiful necklace from her Dad!

She got this adorable outfit from Tamara

She got a Apple Laptop from her parents.

and she got this cute beachy necklace from Tonya

Taylor: "Thanks, guys, I love you soooo much!"

Taylor: "This was the best birthday ever!!!!!"

We love you, Taylor Alexjandra Mariet Corta!!!!

And we hope to be with you through many more Birthdays.